About Me

How I got here \\ Where I'm going

Hello!  I'm Meaghan Caulfield, a graphics and branding designer based in Long Island, New York.  
Corporate Legal Assistant turned Creative Professional \\ A simple request to redesign my law firm's monthly newsletter in 2011 ignited my interest in the importance of design as a branding mechanism.  After overseeing the firm's rebranding process in 2013 and bringing all graphic design functions in-house, I left the field of law and began freelancing.
My work includes brand development & logo design, print and web advertising, web design, and marketing collateral.  More recently, I've been exploring the areas of front-end web development, user interface (UI) design and user experience (UX) design.  
\\ Things I'm Great At \\
 + Brand development, logo design, and personal branding
 + Responsive web design and frontend development
 + Print and web advertising

 + Brand-consistent marketing collateral, including brochures and presentation templates
 + Web banners and remarketing ads
 + Social media posts
 + Banners and large signage

 + Invitation suites and special event printed materials
 + Product photography and image editing
\\ Tools I Use \\
 + Adobe Creative Suite: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver
 + HTML, CSS, JavaScript
 + Google Web Designer
 + Java (and various JDEs)

 + Microsoft Office Suite
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