For the logo design phase of the brand development process, I experimented with various typefaces to find one that was modern but conveyed the fun and playful nature of the See Spot brand.  I settled on Typo Grotesk, a modern sans-serif with a large x-height for extra readability.  I particularly loved the look of the 'e' character, the eye of which invokes a human eye looking towards the word 'Spot' or a smiling face.  From there, I created a graphic dog head inside the 'o' for the completed logotype.  The dog graphic is reused in the brand mark, where it's placed inside a map pointer to illustrate the map-based premise of our app.  I drew on the contemporary and historical mood boards I created (see below) to create a bright and cheerly color palette to embody the energetic and playful feel of our user experience.
Historical Reference Images
Contemporary Reference Images

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